Tips for your First Zumba Class

So after all my talk about Zumba…are you ready for your first Zumba class?

Here are my tips for your first Zumba class…from what to wear to what to do. Here goes!

What to wear. I’ve talked over and over about it (and you can read the detailed post about what to wear to Zumba here)…but wear comfy clothes and good shoes. Your shoes should have minimal tread (see best shoes for Zumba).

What to bring. Bring a water bottle. You will likely need it! If your gym doesn’t provide towels, you might want to bring your own so you can wipe off your sweat.

Where to stand. I’ll be honest. You will feel like standing in the back. However, the closer you can stand to the front (to see the instructor) the better off you will be. If you are in the back and can hardly see, you will feel lost.

The people on the front row have a better view… but not as good as your view of my behind! 🙂

What to do. Try and introduce yourself to your Zumba instructor before class. If they know you are new they can try and help you during class. The next thing to do is talk to those around you. Make friends! Lastly, let go. No one is watching you. I promise. They are trying to keep up just like you are, so they could care less what you are doing. So let loose! The bigger and harder you dance, the better workout you get. Leave your insecurities at the door! Check out my other Zumba tips. Now -Have fun and enjoy your first Zumba class!


  1. My neighbor and I are going to a Zumba class next week for the first time! Nervous!!

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