To Emerald City!

To Emerald City!

I went to Seattle for a conference for work. It was an adventure.  Travel was good, weather was cruddy, the food was AMAZING (Weight Watchers, what?) and overall, it was a great trip. I’m grateful to work for a place that values education and training and sends us to conferences each year.

The flight there was HILARIOUS. A lady next to me put on a sleep mask and headphones and PASSED OUT.  She was all floppy head slinging all over. I snuck this photo.

We took the first flight out because we were arriving the day before the conference started- and we wanted time to explore. We took a gourmet food tour (THAT’S how I gained 4 lbs! ha) which I’ll make it’s own post later, in case anyone is interested in doing that when they travel to Seattle.

I traveled with Becca, a great coworker friend.

The food tour ended at Pike Place Market, so we explored. We almost got a second food tour, sampling smoked salmon, crab and produce.

We were walking and literally stumbled upon the original Starbucks. There was no line (which everyone said was a miracle and never happens).  Of course, we had to get a Pike Place roast and a souvenir.

Our last fun stop (besides meals later in the week- the rest of the time was all work) was the Space Needle.  It was under construction, which to be honest made it very underwhelming. It was all plywood and the views were blocked. But when in Rome  Seattle, right?

I was thankful for my people for holding the fort down at home. Remi was happy and hardly even missed me. Tyler did AMAZING- the house was pretty great when I got home- dishes were done, laundry was running and baby was fed. Mom and Nancy helped out a ton since Tyler worked part of the trip (and his hours are not condusive to daycare drop off).  I’m grateful.

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