Toddler Demands

Toddler Demands

I’ve been joking recently that Remi is giving us all sorts of “toddler demands.” In reality, she is learning to ask for what she wants….and when it’s reasonable, we indulge her.

We want to reward clear communication (without throwing a fit), so these are some things she’s requested on our way out the door recently.

A pouch! In “dis” (the pouch holder, as she points to the place where I keep them).


{also side note…how long and gorgeous is her hair? I was bald until after 2….so I LOVE seeing her sweet beautiful hair!}

She also regularly asks to take things with her in the car (usually an easy yes).  She will hold up something on our way out the door and ask “I take?”  Baby dolls, plastic food, play cups, books, coloring sheets…it’s all made the trip into the car.


This morning was particularly funny.  It came in layers. I sat her on the counter while I filled up her milk, and she asked for “bites” from the fruit trail mix bag.  I took out a few pieces and gave them to her.  “Bowl!” she exclaimed.  So I gave her a bowl.

“Sit eat” she said. So we came into the living room to sit and eat together.  “E!” she said, wanting to read “Little Excavator” which is called Little E in the book.

Quite the stacked combo of requests, but we try to say “yes” when we can.

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