Totally 80s!

Totally 80s!

A coworker’s wife was planning a fundraiser for their kid’s school.  He invited us to go, and we jumped on it.  The fundraiser was an 80’s prom! We didn’t have much lead time (this was the weekend after we returned from our cruise!) so we had to use the clothes we could find…instead of going all out on 80s prom attire.

I wore a sweater that my mom saved me months ago at our church’s clothes closet, and Tyler found a shirt at our thrift shop.

We had a great time dancing, eating yummy food and drinks and hanging with my coworkers.


They had fun bracelets and glasses set out. So OF COURSE we had to wear them.


It’s fun when your coworkers are your friends and you can have a blast together.

Close up of our looks.  My eyeshadoe and his gold chain.  I die.


We aren’t usually “fundraiser event” type of people, but it was fun to get out on the town for a good cause!

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