Touch a Truck Night at the Library

Touch a Truck Night at the Library

Our little town county library location had a fun Touch a Truck night for National Library Week.  I saw it advertised on Facebook, but we didn’t really make “plans” to attend.  Instead, it was sort of spur of the moment…and I’m SO GLAD we went!

Remi LOVES watching Blippi’s fire truck and police car videos online, so she was very excited to see the real trucks. (She was a little sad Blippi wouldn’t be there…and a little worried about the loud sirens…but she was brave and decided to go).

We got there and she immediately ran to the fire truck!  The firemen were giving out hats (and she also got a police badge sticker from the police officers!) and it’s quickly become a favorite item.


She quickly saw that other kids at snow cones, so we had to go over to the truck. A local business had sponsored the snow cones, so they were all free!


Different groups of hometown heroes were reading stories to the kids. The sheriff was reading an Easter book.  Remi sat and ate her snowcone and listened.


She also heard a story from the firemen!


We went into the library, where they had some crafts, snacks and other activities.


There was fun facepaint (from her friend’s moms!) that was also sponsored by a business and free.  She got a blue butterfly. Blue is her favorite color- everything blue!


Our mayor is AMAZING and always dresses up for events. He’s the Grinch at Christmas, Captain America and Uncle Sam at the 4th and he was Batman for the kids! She was VERY interested in Batman, so she had to listen to his story.


2019-04-09 14_56_54-What an amazing Family Story Night!! Thank you... - Brenda Yancey Chamness

After she got her facepaint, she was showing everyone. This was her looking at Batman for him to notice her paint.


Our last stop was the big RV. She thought it was super fun to be in a house on wheels!


This look on the way home- face paint, hat and blue lips- are signs of a fun night!


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