Trading Wheels

So back in January, Tyler drove to Kansas City and picked up a new (to me) car.  I wanted something more fuel efficient and wanted to trade for something a little newer.  He came home with this: a 2012 Prius V.  
It’s JUST what I wanted, and it’s a great car.
We listed my old car for sale, but it wasn’t moving. I got this as a college graduation gift, and it’s been great…but it was just time to pass it along. 
So this past weekend, we took it to NWA with us and Tyler took it to Adventure Subaru to look at trading it.  Well, he found what he wanted: a 2012 Prius C.
Yup.  We now own the baby Prius and the big Prius.  A happy Prius family!  Tyler needed a great fuel efficient car to drive around for his insurance business, and he LOVED my Prius and wanted one too.  The C is more sporty, more compact, and just what he wanted.
So yesterday after work, we said goodbye to Roger the Rogue and hello to this new little guy.
And now to sell a couple of Tyler’s cars (yes, he now has 4 cars and a truck! an old Mustang, newer Mustang, a Miata, and the Prius)….so a couple of those will be going.  But I’m glad we got a great deal on the Prius, got rid of my Rogue, and are all settled for now.
What do you drive?



  1. Love your Prius family. I’ve always driven HUGE SUVs until the it started costing over $100 to fill up the tank every 5 days. So I got a small hatchback Nissan Versa. I needed something with good mileage and this works. I certainly miss the big SUV though. When I need a fix I drive my Honey’s Acura MDX!

  2. I have a rogue, same color as yours, actually 🙂

  3. I drive the ugliest and oldest car left in the universe. But it gets 35mpg and is paid for! Good for you getting what you want to drive, and it’s an excellent choice!

  4. Congrats-getting new cars is always exciting! I can’t believe how many cars you guys have, it sounds like you could be a car lot, ha! We are shopping right now for a new car for my hubs-he needs a bigger 4 door car with a second baby on the way! I miss my small SUV (CRV), but I am really loving my mini-van. Can’t believe I just said that, ha!

  5. I can not wait to get a new vehicle. Of course, I’m going the opposite direction and have my eyes set on a Honda Pilot.

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