Training the Dogs Before Baby

Training the Dogs Before Baby

*This post is in partnership with  They sent me the treats I wanted, but all opinions are my own.*

One of the things on my “before baby” list (which is NEVER ENDING) is to work on some dog training. Mikey is pretty good on listening. He doesn’t know “commands” per se, but listens well.  He comes well called, goes where I point, etc.

Pippin on the other hand is a mess.  I did manage to teach him to sit and stay (most of the time). However, I want to work on “get in your bed” for when he’s up in the mess of things, and I also want to work on “drop it” in case he picks up something he shouldn’t.

I’m all about positive reinforcement and I love watching Zac George’s training videos. He’s all about rewarding the dog for good behavior and taking your time training them.

Because of this, we needed some tiny training treats. Pip is small at just 7 pounds, so these little treats are GREAT. They are Zuke’s Tiny Naturals from Chewy. They are small bites, so I don’t feel bad giving him 10+ in a training session.  They have Mini Naturals for bigger dogs, too.

I’m trying to work in a combination of hand signals and words, so he gets the idea what we’re doing. For his sit command, I point at him.  Stay is an open palm.  Drop it is me opening my fist.  Not sure what I do for “get in your bed” yet.


So that’s where we are.  Spending 30 minutes or so each day on some dog training. Hoping it sticks with my spastic pup. Any dog training tips? I’d love to hear them!

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