Training the Dogs with Bark Potty

Training the Dogs with Bark Potty

*Disclosure: I was given two Bark Potties to try, however, all opinions are my own.*

A while ago, I got an email from an interesting company. They were telling me about their disposable, natural dog potty patch – and suddenly I had an idea: we are a bit worried about how long the dogs will go unattended should baby girl come all of a sudden.  Sure, we have plans lined out for friends to come by and feed/let them out….but who knows what time things will “strike” and how long it might be before a friend could get over to our house.

So enter Bark Potty.  Like the package says, they are a natural “dog park in a box”.  It’s a cardboard box filled with tree bark and topped with mesh (so they can’t make a mess of it).

They are perforated, so you just open them up…

The directions are pretty easy.  You place it in a good space, open the box, and introduce your box to the dogs.  They give you some smell in a bottle to spray on it to encourage your dogs to go.

Pip was definitely interested in it.  He sniffed it up and down! I placed it in the mud room, where the dogs stay while we are gone.

If you can see on the side of the box, there are also little baggies in case of any #2.

You can leave the bark potty out for a month while your dogs use it, then get rid of it.

And while I haven’t seen them using it while we are home (we let them out pretty frequently), I do notice that when I get home, they don’t rush out the door to go.  So I’m pretty sure they are using it during the day while we are gone.

You can get them delivered each month to give you a steady supply of Bark Potty boxes! They have a dog trainer available for questions if you need help getting your pups used to using it, as well. Super convenient!

If you want to try Bark Potty, use the code Britt5 for 5% off your first purchase!


Now our dogs will be ready when baby sister arrives! They won’t be hurting to be let outside before someone can come rescue them!



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