Well, yesterday Tyler started his new job.  A job as a police officer (gulp!).  It’s exciting, scary, and wonderful.

There are lots of transitions to come.

First off, he has a season of learning and training.  And then the time of “paying your dues” working the crummy schedule, doing the not-so-favored tasks.

To be honest, when he told me about the different shift hours yesterday, none sound ideal. Some start so early in the morning, and some finish late at night, while others work through the night. But, I have to remember that this idea of a “perfect” life is defined by ME. Just because my husband may have some crazy hours and a job that slightly terrifies me doesn’t mean we can’t have a happy wonderful life.  I have to remember that God called him to this, God was faithful in opening up the doors, God will keep him safe, and God will protect our marriage – even if it means we don’t have the same “normal” time together as we do now.

Transitions are never easy.  I think of the times when God had his people in transition. It wasn’t easy, it didn’t happen all at once, but the fruit in the end was always worth it.

So, here’s to our transition.  I’m praying for God to teach our hearts how to handle this new season of life, to be gentle with us, and to guide us to being the family He wants us to be.


  1. So exciting about his new job, but I totally understand how you are feeling about it all. Prayers for both of you as this transition plays out!

  2. I’ve been married to a police officer for the past 16 years so I can tell you all about the crazy hours. He worked nights for about 14 of the years. It is for sure a big change but you will adjust. I t just made us appreciate the time we do have together that much more. He was promoted to captain about a year ago and now works the same hour as me and to be honest, it’s been a bigger adjustment than I figured. I was used to doing my own thing and now I have to remember that he is there too and I have to adjust. I will keep you in my prayers and if you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me.

  3. I assure you, it will be fine. You two will get in the groove of the crazy schedules and it will just work. My Hubby works crazy shifts, rotating every week, it works for us though. It takes an adjustment period but you will get there. Prayers as you all transition.

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