Saturday I had planned on sleeping in and leisurely getting ready and cleaning before we headed out of town. Well, I was awake bright and early at 7:15. And for me, once I’m up, I’m up. I might be able to nap a few hours later after doing something…but I can’t just fall back asleep. Its a character flaw, I know.

So I got up and quietly cleaned the house (Ty doesn’t have to get up until 8:30 every day) and then I got ready with him and left when he left. I had some errand running to do and while I was out, I remembered seeing an ad for a local estate sale. So I headed over there.

And man did I find some treasures! I spent a total of $27 and got some cool stuff!

I got this crystal vase and the glass beads. It is crystal, not just plain glass. It has some decorative rings towards the bottom. I need to buy one more bag of glass beads to fill up the vase…but I got the whole set up for like $5.75 or something ridiculous.

I got mom this big ole Santa. Mom loves big Santas at Christmas. I think he was $6? He is over 1.5 feet tall.

I got these holiday decorations for me! One small pumpkin mug (maybe a candy dish for me?), a precious snowman, this tall metal Christmas tree candle holder (a tea light goes inside the tree), and two matching snowmen. I think I paid $5.25 for all of this.

This is my favorite find! It is a beautiful porcelain pitcher. I filled it with silk flowers and put it on my entryway table. It is marked with a number and the word “Italy” on the bottom, so its probably way expensive and cool. But I thought it was very dainty looking.
And the coolest find was the Creole cookbook. It is from 1972 and has some amazing sounding recipes (like shrimp gumbo and blackberry cake! yummmm!)….

But it also provided about an hour of entertainment on our trip as I described some of the “not so yummy” sounding recipes like Squirrel with Gravy, Eel and Grits, or this one (from the salads chapter…which is mostly molded gelatin salads….ew…) for Molded Lamb Salad.
Needless to say, I won’t be cooking my way entirely through that cookbook.

I also got a red wool coat that I forgot to take a pic of. The sleeves are a little short, so I will have to see if I can let out the sleeve hem and re-hem it. If not, my mom (with the little arms) will keep it. I got the coat for $5!

Those are my little treasures I found. Do you ever hit up yard sales or estate sales? I prefer estate sales because the stuff is usually being sold because someone is being put in a home or died (which is sad, I know) but the stuff isn’t junk someone is getting rid of (like yard sales) but rather stuff that isn’t needed anymore.

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