Trying Peruvian Food for the First Time

Trying Peruvian Food for the First Time


My friend Brandy and I love to try new foods on our lunch dates.  We decided yesterday to hit up the new Peruvian shop downtown called El Cholito.  It was interesting.

For starters, the place wasn’t very busy…but it’s pretty new.  So word hasn’t spread yet, I guess.  We sat down and sadly they were out of a few items…but what we tried was tasty.


I sort of laughed at some of the items that are Peruvian cuisine – dishes including hot dogs and french fries as ingredients (like marinate meat and veggies cooked with fries)…and burgers topped with interesting ingredients like sweet potatoes.

Brandy got the Tallarines Verdes which was a steak and pesto pasta.  The pesto was different from Italian pesto.  And it came with some potatoes topped with chimichurri.  So good. (I’m lucky that Brandy lets me sample everything!)



I got Peruvian fried rice that was called Arroz Chaufa. It had chicken, veggies, rice, and pieces of hot dog. The flavor was interesting – very herby and smoky and peppery.  Really good.



So if you live in Fort Smith, go to 6th and Garrison and check it out.  It was tasty…and more people need to try it out!


Have you ever eaten Peruvian food?  Did you like it?

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