Tuck Everlasting- Broadway Night Out

So on Monday, after the conference was over, I headed to Tuck Everlasting for a show. It’s still in previews *which just means they might be changing things  up and tweaking it until their official opening night*. Most shows are closed on Monday nights, so it turned out that MANY Broadway folks were at the show. I sort of felt like a “somebody” being in this crowd. 

WhennI got there, I noticed the kids from Fun Home coming in and they sat RIGHT behind me! I overheard a girl in line for the bathroom saying “Yeah, our lyricist is here tonight too” (but I didn’t know who she was). One of the original Newsies was sitting right behind me. I met the guys next to me, and he was in An American in Paris. 


 *Out of order, blogging on mobile problems* Before the show, Becky and I had a DELISH dinner at John’s in Times Square- a pizza place in an old church. We had a couple appetizers and split a mozz and ricotta pizza. YUM.

*Back to Tuck* I had GREAT seats. Since I went alone, I could find a single ticket on the 5th row pretty late. It was great. The forest was BEAUTIFULLY done on stage.   The biggest sighting I saw was when I glanced on the row behind me (once I realized there were SO many  celebs there) and spotted Nick Jonas (who I initially called Joe Jonas to my friends via text)I caught a creeper pic of him at the bar at inermission and then walked back to my seat JUST behind him. But I let him be and didn’t ask for a pic. 

It was exciting. 


The show was beautifully done- I cried at the end. And the cast was talented and the songs were fun. I give it two thumbs up. Two more shows this week! 

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