Tulsa Time and Urgent Care

Tulsa Time and Urgent Care


We took a little trip to Tulsa this weekend. Mostly for some friends’ birthday party, but we also did a little shopping and had some fun.

We got there at lunchtime and had lunch at SmashBurger. Yum. Remi LOVED waving at everyone and she ate great. PS. I LOVE restaurants with healthy kid’s options like grilled chicken and applesauce.

We shopped around Whole Foods to get some keto treats I can’t get at home and then we went to Lauren and JJs for Ella and Ryan’s birthday. Remi loved playing with their toys!

She and Ella were adorable together and loved playing with the boxes almost as much as the toys.

After the party, she really needed to nap, so we drove back into Tulsa. She slept in the car with Gigi while I went into my favorite shop, POSH, and did some shopping. Then we headed to Rhema Bible Church for their Christmas lights. The weather was nice- just around 50 degrees, so not too cold to walk around.

She loved people watching and waved at all the people.

The lights really were magical. SO many lights, some set to music. Remi loved it.

She was mesmerized by the sparkly lights and music.

They had a huge tunnel with lights and it was SO fun!

Me and my girl enjoyed the day together!

After we left Rhema, we went to a fun local Pho shop for some Asian food and drove home. Remi was a trooper and did great all day.

But Sunday, she woke up with fever. Womp womp. Flu was going around daycare, so I immediately took her to urgent care. But her flu test was negative- just a bad cold virus. We did find some cough drop lollipops, which she liked while we waited on her prescription.

And while I hate for her to be sick, I do love the snuggles. I got to rock her to sleep, which is always a treat.

She’s doing ok, but isn’t herself still. I’m ready for my girl to feel better!

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