Tunes Rewind

Tunes Rewind

We had planned on going to Ouachita’s homecoming this year, but obviously it didn’t happen. A highlight of homecoming is Tiger Tunes, and I was ready to introduce Remi to it.

But thankfully, that still got to occur! They did a virtual show this year (featuring classic shows voted on by each club), and we got to watch.

Ouachita did an awesome job at promoting the show beforehand, sending out watch party kits. Remi loved the snacks!

Remi watched the preshow, and then she stayed the night with Gigi. Tyler and I watched the show (until he had to leave for work….at the very end), and we loved that the men of Kappa Chi used his senior show when he was a coalminer.

We will always love Ouachita, and we will be Tiger Tunes supporters forever. Such fun college memories surrounding that time in our lives.

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