Turkey Day Fun

Turkey Day Fun

Before the main Thanksgiving event, we got to have a little more fun!

Remi recovered from the flu (and after a few well days at home, since the doc said it’s super contagious), she was ready for her school party!

They always do the cutest pictures! Our little Indian!


They set up a huge big table, complete with real glass plates and glasses for the kids.


I was home sick, so Mimi saved the day going to her party. She had been talking about us going to her “chicken day” lunch, so I know she wanted us there for turkey day.


We also went to my dad’s nursing home dinner. They always do a really nice meal for residents and their families. Remi had to help feed grandpa! It was sweet!


And we had to snap our picture. Love my daddy so much.


It’s wonderful to celebrate the things we are thankful for!

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