Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday

Thanksgiving was pretty low-key this year.  We usually eat a “lunch” around 2, and then entertain everyone until 7 when we are all too full to stay awake.  
Well, because of some other plans, we didn’t eat our Thanksgiving meal until 4, and none of our company showed up until about 2…so it was pretty chill.
Because of the late start, I was able to have my own little Turkey Trot 5k.  There wasn’t one in my parent’s hometown, so I just set out in my parent’s neighborhood and ran until I hit 3.1 miles.  Let me tell you, I am spoiled to to the nice, flat trails at home.  The hills killed me.  But I did it!  This gives me a baseline as well for the 5k I’m running in a couple weeks.  Hopefully I can beat this time.
I came home, helped mom cook, and got ready.  Then the snacking began.  Gram CRACKED me up.  We had all fixed little plates of snack food, and she said “I don’t want a plate…I don’t want anything.” but she kept reaching across and eating it all!  She LOVED my pumpkin dip and my bacon-wrapped little smokies.
Somehow I got too busy hanging with my family to take any photos of the food or the people.  But trust me, they are beautiful and the food was plentiful.  
At 6:30, mom basically sent everyone home so we could head to Walmart for Black Friday.  It was a MADHOUSE.  We had stuff to get at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m…..so we were there a while.  We split up since stuff was scattered all over the store.  At 8, Tyler was waiting by some toys for the kid cousins, and mom was waiting for the Nabi tablet.  It was a hot item.  They had a nice, organized line…but once the pallet came out, the line became a mob, but mom got one!  I waited in line for the iPad.
Funny story, I thought I was first in line.  I could not find a soul in the area marked for the iPad.  So I proudly started the line.  Well, about an hour into waiting, a Walmart associate came and took us to the other 15-20 people already in line.  Oops.
At 10, we got the rest of our stuff: an iPad 2 (for Tyler for Christmas), two printer/scanners, a BluRay player, a portable DVD player, and a sound bar (along with a couple toys).
I was at the BluRay players, and I thought a fight was going to break out.  There were a WHOLE pallet of them..there were plenty, but people were getting a little touchy waiting in line.  However, I met some FUN characters.
I stood in line with an older gentleman who was an Elvis impersonator.  He proceeded to tell me about performing at Graceland, showed me laminated photos in his wallet of him and Johnny Cash, and played me one of his songs on his phone.  Awesome.
We finally checked out about 11 and we headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods.
It was raining, but that didn’t stop us crazies.  We waiting about 40 minutes for the big ammo sale.  Tyler was so excited.  But (shame on Dick’s) they were not fully stocked.  They didn’t even have some of the caliber ammo he wanted, and most of what they had was crappy.  So we left without anything and came home.

We were in bed by about 1:30!  A successful day for sure!


  1. You are brave for shopping on BF! The extent of my BF shopping was buying a BluRay for my Dad at BestBuy online! 🙂 Funny about the iPad line — that is totally something I would do. Are you finished with all of your shopping??

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