Two Terrible Nights

Two Terrible Nights

While I was home for Mother’s Day, mom and I had some pampering. Mani/pedi, and a bath and massage at the bath house.

Well, the bath house was overbooked for Mother’s Day…and they forgot me.  I was in the hot whirlpool bath for an hour! (instead of the 15-20 minutes you are supposed to be in there!).

Then, they wrap you in hot and cold towels.  Again, I was ignored.  I was there for at least 30 minutes (normally 10-15).

Needless to say, not a great experience.

Then, I went out to wait for my massage.  There were 3 ladies ahead of me, and 2 of them had upgraded from a 20 minute massage to a 40 minute massage….so I was going to be waiting a while!

While I was waiting, out comes Mom!  She was finished with everything! So, I decided to just get a refund for my massage and go so Mom didn’t have to wait on me.

They did refund my money…but apparently, being left for too long gave me some back trouble.

Saturday night, I woke up in the night and thought my back was broken. It hurt SO bad.  I stretched, walked around, took a hot bath, and then finally was able to sleep on the couch for a little while.

It was pretty fine during the day Sunday, but I had the same issues Sunday night.  Y’all.  I sleep like a baby most nights.  I was NOT used to pain, restlessness, and not sleeping.

Thankfully, my chiropractor was able to work on my back and it feels great now.  But he was NOT happy that I was left in the hot tub for that long.  He said its a good thing I’m young and healthy…he said it I had blood pressure issues I could have passed out (and drown!). EEK!

I’m just thankful to be feeling better.

But it was a terrible couple of nights in the meantime.  I’m really thankful for sleep. 🙂



  1. OH my goodness, I would have been so upset if I were you. I am sure you were upset too-wow! I glad you are feeling better though!

  2. Goodness girl. So sorry you were in so much pain, that is just crazy!

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