Tyler’s Birthday Celebration

Tyler’s Birthday Celebration

On Monday, Tyler turned 31! He joked that he wanted the baby to come on his birthday, but that wasn’t happening…so we celebrated him instead. 🙂

He had to work, but I got up early when he did and made him birthday cinnamon rolls to start his day off sweet. 🙂

When he got off work, our moms came over for a birthday dinner.  I made him chicken spaghetti, and then his favorite chocolate peanut butter cake. It’s so rich and delish!

It was supposed to be 3 layers, but one layer stuck to the pan….so we got a two layer cake! 

After dinner, we went down to the pond for some fishing.

He got some new bass lures, and has been doing well with them.  He got a fish right off the bat!

I even got in on the action and caught a catfish. THANK GOODNESS for Nancy being there.  I wouldn’t have touched that slippery thing! ha!

Then the funniest thing happened.  Mom got a BIG bite.  The bobber disappeared and then she couldn’t reel it in! Tyler came over to help and even he couldn’t get it…

Then we realized it was just stuck on something in the pond (probably an old tire or something).  And while it started out as a fish, that fish got away and we were now fishing for debris! ha!

I hope Tyler had a great birthday. He deserves it! He’s always taking care of us and working so hard…I hoped to brighten his day and make him feel special.

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