UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting

In the quilting world, a UFO is an UnFinished Object.  I had a UFO that I wanted to finish by Christmas (that I started back in FEBRUARY!)…so I spent Monday night at mom’s (where my sewing stuff is)…and I’m going back tonight and over the weekend to complete it.

My original 2014 goal was to complete 4 quilts, well…this will be the second one this year.  So I didn’t exactly do that.  But you know what?  I just didn’t have the down time to work on them…which means my year was full of exciting things. I won’t look back on 2014 and wish I quilted more.  I am just moving those projects to next year. 🙂

Anyways, I’m working on this UFO- a quilt for my Gram.  It is full of color for sure.  It’s my first quilt with a ton of piecing.  It started out as a jelly roll- long strips of fabric- which I cut in half, paired together, sewed together into double half strips…then I cut those into squares and did rows of 9 alternating directions.  And it’s my first quilt with a border (the yellow all the way around).  It’s not perfect.  I accidentally cut about 1/3 of the strips .5 inch too big…so I just made up for it while sewing since this project didn’t require perfect seams meeting up.

Tonight I’m making the quilt sandwich by basting it together and I’m hoping to at least get it half quilted.  I’m just doing a meandering path on the border and wonky lines on the actual quilt.  Nothing too crazy for the machine quilting.

Hopefully by Sunday or Monday, I’ll have the binding on and the quilt finished – so I can give it to Gram for Christmas!



  1. I love it!!! Such pretty bright colors!!

  2. Oh my. So very pretty.

    • Thank you, Melody! It is quite a happy little quilt. I’m sure I’ll post the finished product, but right now, I’m planning on a turquoise back and purple binding. Going to be just lovely, I hope!

  3. I had to pin it too. I love the colors.

  4. Beautiful quilt, Brittney! I LOVE quilts, especially ones with small pieces and tons of color. I’m very impressed – what a fantastic gift for your Gram. 🙂

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