Recently, I was talking with a group, and (very easily) the conversation turned to talking about someone and it turned ugly. I’m talking right out nasty. Critical. Mean.  I didn’t like it.  I spoke up, and it made things awkward fast.

At first, I felt bad for ruining the “mood” but you know what, I’m glad I said something.  We should be encouraging and positive, even when talking about other people.  In this context, there were PLENTY of things to talk about (even if talking about this person) without the conversaion going straight to ugly.

I am guilty of talking about people, and of being critical…but this recent event showed me just how UGLY my words can sound.  I pray that God will help me change my heart, my mouth, and my actions to show His love…not the ugly in me.



  1. I really agree with you. I have been in those conversations too and then it just hits me, wow what are we saying here?! And it stops me cold in my tracks. I feel better when I encourage others, not put them down.

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