Uncertainty Reduction

Uncertainty reduction is a theory in communication that says people don’t like uncertainty (see post below) and through communication, strive to reduce that uncertainty. Well, yesterday, at the doctor they gave me some kinda answers. They said my lumps were two swollen lymph nodes. Good. But the weird thing was, they don’t know why they are so swollen. No infections, no elevated white count, no ticks (she checked), no mono, no anemia, no nothing. So…in two weeks, I have to go back and have them checked again. If they don’t go away, we will need to do more tests to figure them out.

So for now, no worries. Thank you Lord!

I also had dinner last night with my girl friends! I just love them! Hannah, Kayla, and Beth are pledge sisters of mine that all live in NWA, and we had a great couple of hours laughing, talking, and gossiping over yummy McAlister’s salads, soups, sandwhiches and cheese dip. So great! I love those girls!

Mom is on her way to town…so we have a couple fun days together! I’m excited!

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