Unique Baby Products We are Loving

Unique Baby Products We are Loving

There are tons of traditional things that I was told to add to my baby registry. Everyone says to get a diaper pail, a Rock and Play (for the record, Remington HATED the Rock and Play). But there are a few things that now I would totally recommend to new mamas (or even seasoned mamas who may not know about these things).

Yoee Baby is an interactive tickle/rattle toy. Remington LOVED it. When she was a tiny little baby, I didn’t know how to “play” with her. You shake rattles in their face, use their arms and legs to “dance”, but how else can you play.  Well, Yoee Baby allows you to interact with them with the sensation of touch. She LOVED it.

2017-04-07 14_06_51-Brittney Lee (@brittneydeanne) • Instagram photos and videos

Sposies are a lifesaver in the night! They are sort of like maxi pads that you put in the diaper to make them super absorbent. They also pull liquid in, so baby stays dry. Remi is very easily stimulated, so middle-of-the-night diaper changes were awful. They would totally wake her up. With a Sposie on, she can last all night.

Lulaclips are little magnetic hands that attach to the carseat (they are a very safe designed clip, in my opinion. Use your judgement when adding anything to your car seat). They hold the metal car seat straps out of the way to take baby in and out. It makes this SO much easier. You are already wrestling a squirming baby, you don’t need to also fight the car seat. Here are the Lulaclips, but not in action because she’s chilling at a restaurant. (Bonus feature: some people think theses are “Hands off” signs not to touch your baby.)


Sometimes after bath, Remi gets fussy from going from the warm water to the room air. A lotion warmer is GREAT for nighttime massages and after bath to get her warmed back up.

A Piddle Pad is a waterproof protector for the car seat (or bouncer/swing, any sort of seat). This way when there’s a blowout or accident, you don’t have to wash the entire car seat cover. LIFESAVER. You can see the the thin Piddle Pad under Remi in this pic.  Again, use your judgement when adding anything to the car seat.

2017-04-07 14_06_03-Brittney Lee on Instagram_ “Perfection. The thigh rolls. The sneakers. The sleep

Those are some more unique baby items we totally adore. What is your “must have” product for baby?


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