Update on life

Well, since I took a little while off “life” to showcase our amazing honeymoon. So here are the life updates I’ve missed.

  • We haven’t been home all week since the honeymoon. The week after, I went to Hot Springs to research my historical project on prostitution for a night, then we went home for Easter.
  • Easter was great. Tyler’s mom Nancy came home with us and hung out with my family. Got to do the egg thing with my cousins, and eat dad’s amazing BBQ.
  • Then last week, I went to Memphis for the SSCA conference. It was great. As my first academic conference, I loved it. I presented a paper on marriage portrayals on the internet. It went awesome. I love being the center of attention, and I guess academic ventures are no different.
  • Tyler has had lots of trouble at the shop. He had a bike get stolen and wrecked. He didn’t find any new bikes at the auction last week. His alarm system has been going crazy. So I have a stressed hubby who I try to keep calm and happy.
  • Its 3 weeks till finals, so I have 2 papers to write, 1 to finish, a grant to write, and a research project to work on. I’m spending LOTS of time in the library, but I’m super productive when I’m there.
  • We are apartment hunting. Its kinda fun, but I want to find the perfect place for us for the next year. House hunting must be torture knowing you will BUY not just rent. Eek. Thats for later thankfully!
  • We got our wedding pictures and video back! I’m waiting on the picture CD to post pictures, but here is our video. Its just a 3 minute trailer and I love it!

Tyler and Brittney Lee from Ryan Feero on Vimeo.

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