Updated Zumba Licenses

Updated Zumba Licenses

My Zumba profile is looking mighty full these days.  Just look at all these icons!

Let’s see, from left to right…

  1. Basic (the training that made me an instructor)
  2. Basic 2 (which taught me more rhythms)
  3. Toning
  4. Kids/Kids Jr (the new children’s program replacing Zumbatomic.  I had to take an online course for this license)
  5. Zumbatomic (which was the old Zumba for kids program)
  6. Pro Skills (which I took at convention- teaching me how to be an even better instructor)
  7. Core (and online course with info focusing on the core)
  8. Zumba affiliate (which means I have a discount code to hand out for Zumbawear! Code: BLEE1)
  9. Convention ’13 (showing I attended convention this year!)

I’m a busy little beaver when it comes to Zumba!



  1. I always wanted to become a Zumba instructor! I loved taking classes when I was in graduate school!

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