Vacation, FINALLY

Vacation, FINALLY

Last year, we had a big Vegas vacation planned.  But then we had to cancel it because Tyler was in the police academy.  I was sad.  I cried (not ashamed. You have to feel your emotions).

I knew he would earn vacation time this year and we would get to go eventually…but waiting a year felt like an ETERNITY.

I love to travel and go and do.  So waiting another year for our big vacation was tough.

But man, we have dates on the calendar. And it’s the most exciting thing.

And the trip is re-planned. All I had to do was re-book everything from last year.


I can’t wait.

The plan is perfect.  We are seeing Britney Spears (do you hear the angels singing?), going to the Grand Canyon, and spending a whole week together. It will be great. And I’m counting down the days!



  1. Oh yay!! What fun!! I love having a vacation to look forward to…I’ve never been to Vegas, but it sounds like you know how to do it up right!

  2. Nothing more exciting than anticipating a big trip – especially when the planning stages are behind you! Can’t wait to see the updates in October. — Amy @

    • Thanks, Amy! It was pretty nice to have it all planned out so fast. That was the only benefit to booking it and then cancelling it last year….I just had to rebook everything!

  3. That sounds awesome! We just got back from a long-awaited vacation as well. Hope you have a great time.

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