Valentine Fun for the Whole Family

Valentine Fun for the Whole Family

Valentine’s Day is such a fun time to celebrate all of our loves- friends and family!

Remi wore shirts with hearts all week (don’t worry, I didn’t shop…she just had a bunch of love outfits!), and then the night before her party, she INSISTED that she needed a box for school (spoiler alert: she didn’t. The oldest class at school was bringing boxes, and she wanted to be involved, too! It’s fine. We made a box and she took it to school.)

She wanted to make it herself. Far from a Pinterest-perfection, she loved painting and glittering. I just wrapped the box and applied the glue where she wanted it.

The finished product was SO cute!

She looked so cute for her party- and she accessorized herself with jewelry and her “kissing” shoes. She was so proud.

On that Friday night, Tyler had to work a basketball game, but he was home around 8:30, so we had Gigi keep Remi and I picked up sushi and bakery treats to have an at-home date night! We watched Netflix and ate our sushi. Low key, but that’s what you have to do around his police schedule and the pandemic.

We also did some family fun! I make a big Valentine’s lunch (a day early because snow was coming) with a big heart pizza and a chocolate fountain spread.

It was so fun to hang with our moms- and like always- they got us such sweet treats. Nancy got me these neat Hanson Apple watch bands. SO fun!

That afternoon, after Remi napped and before the snow hit, we did a family outing to bowl. I was sort of a nervous wreck because it was crowded, but they were keeping people spaced out, and we made sure to wash hands and mask up well. Remi LOVES to bowl. I’m terrible at it, but it’s fun together.

Tyler and I exchanged gifts on actual Valentine’s Day- and that was about it for our celebration.

I got him an Arkansas State Parks scratch off map, so we can keep track of our adventures.

He got me a Hanson workout tank (sensing a theme?). I love a good fun workout shirt.

We are so blessed to be able to celebrate so much love in our lives.

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