Valentine’s Day Date

Self-timer pic in the kitchen before we left….because we haven’t taught Mikey to take our picture yet!  I curled my hair last night….what do you think?
Last night, we went out for our Valentine date!  We had a gift certificate to this nice Italian place in town, Taliano’s.  Tyler had taken me there once before, but it was years ago, and that night I thought he might propose, so I was too antsy and don’t remember much about the meal.
But last night totally left a great memory in my book!  
The restaurant is in an old historic home downtown.  It is neat to sit in one of the many dining rooms and imagine what the house was like many years ago.  
We split a spinach dip appetizer (which they served with YUMMY garlic cheesy bread).  We got soup instead of salad (you get salad everywhere….but they had chicken tortellini soup).  The soup was AMAZING.  I don’t usually love brothy soups, but I could have drank the broth straight.  So good.  Tyler got a big Italian sampler plate (with a little bit of everything: spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, etc.).  I got a delicious pasta that was their namesake.  Spaghetti Taliano.  It had ham, mushrooms, peas, in a garlicky alfredo sauce.  Delish.  And we got their homemade bread too. 
I was carb-ed out, for sure.
While I am back to the diet today, that mean was delicious.  But the sweet company of my hubby made the meal even better!
The funniest thing happened while we were eating.  An older couple came in and sat in a table behind us.  They looked at the menu, then they picked up books.  They sat in silence each reading their own book, reading until the waitress came to take their order.  They kept reading until their salads came.  They small-talked over their salads…then read until their food came out!  So funny!  But I guess they enjoy reading and each other’s company, so that is what they do!  ha!

And lastly, Rue La La asked members to write love notes a while back.  Mine made their homepage today!  ha!



  1. Your hair looked great! Cute letter!! Ha! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. i love the hair. it looks great curled. glad you two lovebirds had a wonderful valentines date!

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