Valentine’s Memories

Well, Tyler and I have been together for two Valentine’s days before and they have both been so memorable. But, last year’s was particularly memorable for me.

I thought that sometime in my last semester at OBU (last Jan-May) we would get engaged. We had talked about getting married, looked a rings a couple times, and I just knew it had to be coming.

We were doing the long distance thing, and so weekends were special, and I knew Valentine’s would be just as special.

Tyler kept telling me to bring a fancy dress and be ready for an exciting night. I got so excited.

I got my hair cut, I got my nails done. I freaked out about dresses. I went shopping at the few stores little Arkadelphia has, only to get a dress from home.

I went to Fort Smith and was just so excited about whatever our plans might be. He kept them secret.

We got ready Saturday night, and went to a nice restaurant. I was so thrilled. We had great laughs and talks while we waited, had a great dinner, then we went out on the patio to look at the river and the lights. “This is it” I kept thinking. WRONG. We watched the lights, then we went to a movie. Night over.

It was a great night. Great food, great laughs, great movie (we saw Confessions of a Shopaholic…he bought the tickets in advance so I could see it!). But I went home with a naked ring finger.

He got my hopes up several times before we actually got engaged, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m such a secret-spoiler that I’m glad I didn’t guess when it was happening. But when I left for V-day last year, I would have bet you good money I was coming home with a ring!

Us last Valentine’s Day…

This year, I’m not sure what we are doing. Our superbowl bet was that the loser got to plan and pay for V-day…and he lost. If I had to guess it would involve that delicious sushi we had last weekend. But I’ll let you know!


  1. I found your blog from Kellys Korner and had to comment because my husband did the same thing to me our last semester of college! (only it was over Christmas rather than Valentine’s Day.) He led me on so bad about getting engaged, and when I opened my Christmas present it was an Oscar the Grouch sweatshirt! Seriously. I thought it had to be a joke, and surely there was a ring underneath it, right?? Nope. I was never one of those girls obsessing over getting engaged, but we had talked about it so much, and been shopping, so I just KNEW it had to be coming – ha! Six months later though, he totally caught me off guard 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Over from Kelly’s!! Your bloggy blog is super cute and you guys are just ADORABLE!! I love the black and red flower them on your blog….

    So what a Fake out huh! Are you engaged now?? Maybe you will be tommorrow?? It’s fun though to be caught off guard!! My hubby proposed to me at King’s Island on the roller coaster “Son of the Beast” right when we were about to take the plunge down the big drop off and you pass the camera thingy (which by the way we used as one of our engagement pics) it was Ha-larious fear and excitement all in one….he said “let’s get married”! I screamed not sure from what he said or from the drop off LOL….

    Have a Happy V-Day
    Summer :0)

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