Valentine’s Then and Now

Valentine’s Then and Now

My bloggy friend Jessica did something similar and I liked it. So here we go…

We’ve had some fun Valentine memories over the years. Fun dates to Movie Lounge with friends, leaving love notes all around the house, and fancy dates – but I want to remember our very first Valentine’s day together.

Back in 2008, Tyler and I had only been officially dating for a couple months.

We were in college, so there wasn’t a huge budget for fancy dates. He took me 45 minutes away to “town” to have dinner at Red Lobster. While we were in the parking lot, an old lady pulling into her parking spot hit his car! She didn’t really do any damage, so he let her pretend like she didn’t hit him. She never even noticed we were still in the car, much less that she hit anything!

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Tyler bought me a High School Musical balloon. I joke that even back then, he knew the way to my heart: musicals and cheese biscuits.

This year, Valentine’s day looked quite different.

A work day. I had a dentist appointment at lunch, and Tyler was working overtime until 9:30 pm.

But he got 15 minutes at lunch, so I snuck out just before my dentist appointment and we grabbed lunch together at Taco Bell! ha!

While I was at the dentist, he left a card and flowers for me on my desk.

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After work, I picked up cupcakes for him to enjoy when he got home.

He worked late, I spent the evening with Remi…and once she went to sleep I took a bath and went to bed early.

Life looks a lot different. It’s not spontaneous and crazy and fancy. But it’s perfect.


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