Very Particular

Very Particular

I don’t know if this is typical toddler or not, but Remi is developing VERY particular tastes. I mean, we’ve struggled for a while of cutting food only for her to FREAK OUT and want it whole (I’ve honestly taped a cookie back together and then advised her not to eat the tape).

It’s transferring now to clothing, cups, toys…all the things.

Sometimes she’s not picky, but other times it’s like “I had in mind EXACTLY what I wanted, and THAT’S NOT IT.”   She won’t rest until she gets the specific cup she wants (which makes me want to get rid of ALL the cups and only have one kind) or instead of getting a serving of snack, she wants “Whole bag!”

She’s also been picky some days about which shoes she wants. And the funniest has been bows. We typically only wear bows on the weekends (I just don’t worry about sending her in them to school- one more thing for her teachers to keep up with) but lately she’s asked for them.

We had several days of asking for this brown bow….

And then nothing but this big, red, polka dot bow would do.  Never mind that it DID NOT MATCH AT ALL.  I sent her to school with it anyway.

Trying to find a balance between “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” and letting her express her wants and her preferences.  You win some, you lose some. And some days she wears a giant polka dot bow because it makes her happy. You do you, baby girl.

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