Waiting Game

Well, stuff is moving right along on the house. Countertops were FINALLY installed yesterday, so I could put stuff in the cabinets. However, they didn’t realize they needed to do a backsplash, so they have to come back in a week or two and do that. Ugh. It was so frustrated that they just assumed the backsplash would be tile. I NEVER told them that, and they never asked. So now we wait.

We also got tv, internet and phone today! Woohoo!

And all the light fixtures are up and running, and the plumber is currently working on the rest of the water. He is my least favorite contractor we have hired. He has done ok, but is so slow and not working efficiently.

He came yesterday to “finish” but then was on his phone the whole time, and only hooked up the bathroom sinks. No tub, no showers, no toilets….and also no hot water heater.

So we couldn’t shower last night. He better have them done when I get home from Zumba tonight. He said he could finish everything except the kitchen (we ordered the wrong kind of faucet and are waiting a day or so for that to come in). I just hope he keeps his word and does his job!

So ready to not have to let contractors in and out of the house. Ready for it to be 100% finished.

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