Walking in Memphis (Family Trip)

Walking in Memphis (Family Trip)

We went to Memphis for a friend’s wedding, but we had PLENTY of fun in the process. We’ve been LOTS of places, but only one overnight stay EVER just the three of us. This was our first real trip together just us. We’ve just always gone with one of our moms. It was a great time together.

We got a late start after work on Friday, but we tried to make the most of it. Remi mostly watched the iPad until dinner. We stopped at a Mexican place in Morrilton, that also happened to have a boutique.

Remi CRACKED us up modeling with the mannequin. This was ALL her own doing.


After dinner, she had a bit of an issue that I wouldn’t give her the iPad back because I wanted her to sleep. But after she fussed, she fell asleep.

We stayed at an AirBNB which ended up being an older home. It wasn’t the nicest, but it was clean and fine. And cheap. So a win.

After a night of sleep, we hit breakfast at Chickfila- and Remi was a fan of the slides. Then we went to the children’s museum. They had a traveling Paw Patrol exhibit, which Remi LOVED. She got to play with all of the characters.


And there were fun things, like the Paw Patroller, the bakery, the sea turtles, and Jake’s snow cabin. IMG_2388

Remi LOVED the grocery store section. The checkout had a real scanner and real printed receipts.


We rode the carousel. She wanted a not-moving horse, but she was brave and rode it.


I had to leave a couple hours in and go do wedding things, but Ty and Remi stayed all morning until naptime.

While I helped set up for the wedding, they played and napped…and then they met up with us for rehearsal.

Alden was in the wedding, which meant we got to see Avery, too!

Remi and Avery just grabbed hands and started playing and we melted. So sweet for your bestie’s baby to be your baby’s friend.


Saturday, we went to iHop for breakfast, and Remi enjoyed her pancakes (really, the whipped cream) and then we went to a little neighborhood park. Tyler and Remi dropped me off and went to play at a big park with some friends of ours that live in Memphis.

Then they napped and met me at the wedding (noticing a theme?).

Remi was SO GOOD during the wedding and then let loose at the reception. Girl LOVED to dance.


Then we made Avery and Remi take pics, and Avery had had enough. ha!


We did get one good one!


Sunday morning, we had a wonderful breakast at Brother Juniper’s. This latte.  I’m dreaming of more of them.


These two were having fun looking into their “noculars” before our food came. On Sunday, Remi had a bit of an issue at meal times, and at both meals we had to step outside to help her regroup herself. Not bad considering days of late bedtimes, new locations and being off schedule.


After breakfast, we went to the BIG Bass Pro at the Pyramid. Remi loved the “triangle building”

It was sunny with perfect weather.


Which was awesome because we walked up to a dog water jumping contest. (I’m sure there is a more technical name). But they threw these bumpers into the water and the dogs jumped in to retrieve them. It was a long jump contest….and some of the dogs were FLYING.


We enjoyed exploring around the HUGE store. We had to take a spin on some of the 4-wheelers!


And Remi loves the shooting gallery!


After some (more like HOURS of shopping), we took the BIG elevator to the top to eat lunch. The views were gorgeous and the food was great.

Also spy our matching sweatshirts. Remi loves “matchies!”


After lunch we went outside and saw views of the River.


She loved the “M” bridge and kept telling me it was my bridge, since M is for momma!


Crazy to be so close to the top of the pyramid! I grew up going to concerts in this building and it seemed so big. Now we were up top!


She was so brave (considering past experince with glass elevators was not awesome) and stood at the glass on the way down.


I’m so proud of how she was on this entire trip. I love our little travel buddy!


On our way out, we saw the dogs were about to do their final jumps, so we decided to stay and watch. We got shaved ice (and in a weird twist…Remi wanted red, not her “fave” blue!) and watched the finals.

Then we headed home. She napped for a good 2 hours and then watched the iPad for the rest of the drive. It was a wonderful time together.

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