Wardrobe Words Week 2 Recap

Wardrobe Words Week 2 Recap

Week 2 has come and gone, and it was full of fun outfits!

Day 7: FREQUENT. For me, leopard print is a frequent thing in my wardrobe, so I wore my leopard cardigan. We went to the races, so I wanted something cute and comfy, and this outfit did the trick!


8. POWER. So enter, my power pants! I got these from Amazon and while they were different, I really liked them. I paired them with a floral, and it felt really bright and noticeable, which adds to the powerful feeling when you’re commanding attention.


9: MEMORY. I decided to go with an item that has a memory attached to it. I remember buying this sweater after Ouachita homecoming when I spent a day shopping around Hot Springs by myself. It was just a nice relaxing day where I leisurely shopped alone- which is a treat I never get to do these days, so it’s a happy memory. 🙂


1: STATEMENT. I went with a color that made a statement: my statement was I’m ready for Spring!  I didn’t get a pic of us all, but my coworkers wore very powerful patterns- a floral kimono and a fun elephant skirt!


11. ACCESSORY. I threw a headband on over my day-two hair…and Donna rocked some blue accessories!


12: THROWBACK. I went with a mod 60’s inspired look. I LOVE this dress from Anthro, but it’s loud, so I don’t wear it a ton. Like everything I’ve dug out of my closet for this, I got lots of compliments on it!


Paige wore the outfit she wore 4 years ago on her first day at work, and Donna wore a shirt from her previous job. A nice mix of throwbacks!

13: STRIPES. We all wore such cute stripe outfits on Friday!


14: OPPOSITES.  We went hiking for our anniversary, so I wore my camo leggings and my “Raise King Humans” shirt. It felt like opposites, to be kind and in war pattern. ha!


15: VINTAGE. This is my vintage Tri Chi pullover from college. I don’t remember which year I got this but it’s pre-2009, so it’s over 10 years old. One of the only items from college I’ve kept. I love this thing.


And just like that, it’s the end of wardrobe words. We are quarantined at home- working from home (so hello yoga pants!), trying not to spread COVID19. So I’m done playing dress up for now. 🙂


Stay well, friends.

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