Oh man, this kid is a water baby.  She enjoys swimming, but also just playing in the water.  The hardest thing is keeping her out of the dog’s water bowl because she just wants to play in the water.

We’ve had a LOT of fun with the water table now that’s it’s gotten warm.

One of the most fun evenings so far, we had the water table, music and bubbles going.  The toddler trifecta.

We also got out the little baby sprinkler that Gigi got her for Easter.  She LOVED splashing around in the water. 

Ok, so this isn’t water, but it’s another love- rocks.  She LOVES the gravel at the end of our parking pad.  We often take trips out there to touch the rocks before loading up in the car.  She’s a big fan.

One morning, she was standing at the back door yelling for WAWA! So I caved and let her play in the water table in her pajamas before we got ready for the day. She cracked me up being so stinking excited.

And then this silly girl tried to climb in the water table. Thank goodness it’s a little too tall, or she’d be sitting in it!

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