Ways to Be Active on Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving eating has already begun.  We are having a potluck at work with a spread.  A SPREAD.


I mean banana pudding, beer maple bacon, breakfast tacos, donuts, cheese ball, queso, cookies…..and I’m gonna snack on it all day.

And don’t even get me started on tomorrow.


The only way to combat the food is to be active. I try to stay active all day if I can.

Here are some of my methods….

  • Actually WALK the dogs.  Instead of just putting them outside for potty breaks….walk outside with them.  It may only be 5 minutes or so…but that’s 5 minutes more activity than you were going to get.
  • Play a video game.  I’m talking about Wii or XBox 360 or something like that.  Challenge the family to a battle and get moving!
  • If it’s nice out, we will play a game of touch football in the yard after the meal.  We don’t have teams, really, or even a strategy…but we run, chase, and throw the ball.  It’s great.
  • Black Friday Shopping.  The hustle and bustle and walking and waiting in line can actually be a workout!  One year, we were running around Wal-Mart getting deals…and it was CARDIO.  Hit up a sale and get your heart pumping.

How do you stay active on Thanksgiving?  I’d love some more suggestions!


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