Fun New Things!

We had a Sunday full of new things! We slept in, had a great homecooked breakfast, and I went to Zumba. Then, we got ready and headed to the….
Yes, the roller derby. We have seen several movies with roller derbys in them, and thought it would be cool to go watch one in person. It was so fascinating! There were soooo many people there to watch! We got there early to get a good seat.

The match began and those ladies were tough! They were knocking each other down and one lady even got hurt and had to leave to go to the doctor. However, while it was different and intense, I don’t think it was our favorite thing to watch. I don’t think we will become derby regulars, but it was a fun thing to try!

Then we headed to dinner at the Hog Haus (this was a picture from their website…we went at night). It is this really cool place on a corner downtown. It is so neat inside, all wooden and old fashioned looking, like an old pub. They are a brewery and restaurant. I had been there for appetizers with some friends, but took Tyler for dinner.
We had some really yummy beer cheese dip made with their homemade beer. Then Tyler had the best fish and chips and I had a delish Asian shrimp salad. The meal was super yummy. And then we walked upstairs to look at the giant metal containers where they were brewing. One “brewmaster” came out and talked to us for a minute. He was so nice and told us some neat stuff about what he was making.

It was a great day off together. We cherish our Sundays because every other day, we work and drive 2 hours back and forth. While we can’t wait to live and work in the same place and get back into church, these Sundays are very refreshing together to just relax and spend time together. I am thankful for that!

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