Weekend Recap: Zumbathon, Drive in and Rest

Weekend Recap: Zumbathon, Drive in and Rest

We had a weekend that was a nice mix of fun stuff and downtime.  I mean, I got two naps in – so it was a good one for sure!
It started Friday after work…I met Tyler and my friend Cece for dinner, and then Cece and I headed to a Zumbathon!  The Zumbathon was benefiting a local Autism support organization, Developmental Wings.  We raised $1800 for them!  It was a great time (even though we had some sound system glitches!).
I LOVE teaching Zumba!
I also LOVE the other local instructors.  They are fabulous, strong, powerful women…and we have a great time when we get together!
I came home Friday evening and crashed.  2 hours of dancing will do that to you!
Saturday, we got up bright and early to go on a motorcycle ride with the church.  But we were running about 5 minutes late, and we missed the group (which turned out to be a God thing….a man on the ride had a minor wreck…and I’m not sure my heart and mind could have handled that!). But here I am in my awesome full-face helmet. 🙂
We came home and I cleaned while Tyler rested…and then I joined him for a little nap.  He has been sick with bronchitis, so he was out most of the weekend.  When we got up, we met his family for dinner and a drive in movie!  There is a drive in about 45 minutes away in Oklahoma (where his cousins and uncle live) and we met them there.  His cousin’s boyfriend, Brad, works for the drive in…so he got us in for cheap (free!). 🙂  We saw Olympus has Fallen which was AWESOME.  And then GI Joe.  Well, Channing Tatum dies like 10 minutes in, so I slept through GI Joe. ha!  It was so nice outside, that I curled up in my chair with the blanket and slept.  A great night!
Sunday we did church, came home and ate, cleaned a bit…and took another nap. 🙂
I got up and went for a run/walk while Tyler kept resting. Then, the best part of the night happened…
Hanson did a Livestream where they played a couple new songs! EEEK!
It was great (even if you can barely hear them talking, you can hear once they start to play).
Watch live streaming video from hansonmusic at livestream.com
After the Livestream ended, I headed to bed!  A wonderful weekend! 🙂
How was your weekend?


  1. I loved the Hanson live stream!!! It made me have Hanson dreams 🙂

  2. We saw Olympus Has Fallen this weekend, too. Thought it was really good!

  3. I love that you love Hanson so much! So fun 🙂

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