Wednesday Randoms

Please pray for my Gram today.  She is having surgery to put a feeding tube in her stomach.  They said its temporary (will be in for 3-6 weeks) so we hope that in that time she will have a desire to eat.  She can swallow now, but its just getting her to want to eat and not refuse food. 
Last night’s Zumba classes were AMAZING.  Such great energy from my people and I’m learning every class how to be a better instructor.  I am trying to really involve everyone in class by moving around the room.  We are now doing some songs to the front of the room…then I have everyone turn around to the back and do some songs (to get the back of the room involved), and we did some songs in a circle and more last night.  It was so fun!  But man I must have worked hard because I am sore today!  My arms, back, legs and abs are sore!  Zumba works!
We haven’t thrown out our pumpkin yet.  Its still sitting on the back patio table.  And it has rained on it twice.  Its falling into itself and is moldy.  I keep asking Tyler to do it, but I know he is avoiding it because its gross.  I’m going to have to suck it up and take care of that soon.
I am having a hard time staying motivated to do housework and work at work.  I am feeling really slow at accomplishing things.  I just need a swift kick to the booty.
I think I will begin decorating for Christmas this weekend.  I won’t get too much done because I am singing at a fundraiser Saturday morning, seeing a play in Fayetteville Saturday afternoon, and then going to LR Sunday for my friend Rachael’s return from the mission field.  But in between I think I’ll start decorating!  Hopefully I’ll have it all done before we leave for Thanksgiving.
I keep forgetting to weigh myself…so no weight update.  Though it wouldn’t be too great.  I might have eaten a bit too much while at home last weekend. :/
Hope you have a great humpday!

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