Week 1 Highlights

Week 1 Highlights

These are some random highlights from our first week with our girl. In random order, because who knows when this sleeping baby will wake up and want to eat!

My sweet friend Cristi sent us this hat with the crown. Of course, we wore it home!

I didn’t have really any colostrum or milk in hospital. She would try to eat and be SO fussy because she wasn’t getting anything. To try and wait it out without introducing bottles, we did an SNS (supplemental nursing system). It was this bottle and tube that fed into a nipple shield- so she could have formula but attempt to breast feed.

When we got home, we were EXHAUSTED because she had to eat every two hours and the SNS took two people. So Tyler tried attaching it to a hat so I could feed her myself! ha!  However, the next morning, I accidentally melted the SNS by sterilizing it. So in came bottles.  Oops. I eventually got milk in but I’m pumping and adding it to bottles since we don’t have a good latch.

Mom and Nancy got us this CUTE door hanger for the hospital door.

I mommed so hard in the hospital one night. Tyler got salads from Subway and she wanted to be held. So I used the Boppy and my feet to prop her up while I ate. #momlife

When we came home, cousin Kelsey and Brad came over to meet her.  And we got the SWEETEST smile out of our girl!

We are trying to get her used to be put down some- so we used the playmat for some entertainment. She loves it!

Tyler’s dad came and met her in the hospital.

After our weight check doctor’s appointment (where we learned she only lost 3 ounces since birth!), I got these amazing steak nachos from El Super Taco. I had been craving them, but couldn’t eat them because of the gestational diabetes. Now I can! So good!

She hates getting dressed.  So she hated being dressed for the first time before our doctor’s weight check.

Our girl was small and needed premie clothing. Mom went and bought some- but she was also able to wear my premie coming home dress. It was special to see her in something that I used to wear!

We did a sponge bath one night. She liked the warm water, but HATED getting out.

After this picture, we took her to put lotion on and dress her. She ended up having PROJECTILE POOP all over the nursery. Lesson learned. Diaper that baby as soon as she comes out of the bath!

She also had her first diaper/car seat blowout on the way home from the doctor! Goodness! SO much poop.

But she’s worth it. It’s hard, but wonderful.

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