Week 10 Highlights

Week 10 Highlights

I spent this week really savoring our time together. I went back to work on Friday, and while I knew this time together like this was short, the end snuck up on me. I spent some extra time just breathing her in.

We had some BIG things happen this week!

She figured out how to roll belly to back! It’s early for this skill, but she’s definitely learned it and didn’t just flop over. She did it three times that first day and has done it several times since then!

She has been SO sweet and happy. (Our Wonder Weeks book said this is a sunny couple of weeks!). I’ve just loved this smiley, happy girl!

We tried out the baby neck float. She LOVED it. It’s crazy to see how instinctual swimming is! Someone was SUPER RUDE online telling me I was a terrible parent for “doing this to her” but my friend is a pediatric physical therapist and said it’s GREAT for their development and will make her an easy swimmer later. So there, rude Internet lady. Why can’t people let you raise your kids in peace?

One day it was SUPER warm. Like 55 degrees in mid-December. So I was brave and loaded up BOTH dogs and Remington to go walk at the park. We got a couple miles in- and she slept the whole time in the Ergo. 

Last Sunday we had our annual cookie swap Christmas party with our friends. This little Santa baby was ready to party! She did GREAT at church and the party. 

Like I said, super happy baby all week! A good week together.

On Friday, mom had surgery on her arm (sort of like carpel tunnel on her elbow). We kept her company during the days over the weekend, and we got it all propped up so she could have some Remi love even though she can’t really hold her. It was the best medicine for her.

Well, that’s the end of week 10! She’s now 10 weeks old!


  1. Britt,

    I love your blog and I am greatful I discovered your blog. Have a happy and healthy 2017 and merry christmas

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