Week 11 Highlights

Week 11 Highlights

This week was such a joy. Our Wonder Weeks app says she should be fussy for a developmental leap right about now…but I sort of think it’s already stuff she’s mastered (according to the goals in the book) so she isn’t being crazy at all.

Instead, we got to do some fun stuff together!

I decided to go for a Christmas Eve pedicure! I met Tyler in town for lunch and my nail salon was open….she lasted for about 5 minutes in the car seat, but I was able to hold her while she fell asleep for the rest of it. It was still wonderful!

We had Tyler’s family Christmas a few days early. LOTS of fun eating, playing games, and being snuggled. Well, Remi was snuggled. It would be weird if I was. 

We went to the Christmas party at the nursing home. Dad just LAUGHED AND LAUGHED when she would fuss and say stuff like “Cut that out or I’ll beat your butt!” 

We had my family Christmas in Hot Springs, and the little booger started grasping toys there! They got her this awesome teether/rattle and she loved it and held onto it.

This picture with Caitlyn was the only one I got.  The two family princesses. 🙂 

A fun week of celebrations, indeed!

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