Week 12 Highlights

Week 12 Highlights

A busy week with this little girl. She’s becoming so FUN. Takes everything in, responds to everything, and is just fun to be with.

We spent Friday (a day both Tyler and I had off work) in Tulsa together.  We did some shopping, eating and saw some family.

While we were shopping, we noticed her eyelid was SUPER red (this picture doesn’t do it justice). It’s happened a couple of other times before, but I documented it this time.

The next morning, it was super watery. I called the nurse- likely clogged tear duct. No big deal, but I have to rub her little eye with a warm cloth daily until it goes away.

She slept while we shopped around Tulsa. So sweet.

When she was awake, Tyler gave her a break from the car seat by carrying her around. He got this “Princess Protection” shirt for Christmas. Love it!

She’s becoming a champ at grabbing and holding onto toys. Her fave at the moment is this little rattle that we think looks like a phone. She will take calls on it.  We shake it and put it to her face- and she talks into it. So funny!

And just like that, she’s 12 weeks old! So much fun with this little one!

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