Week 13 Highlights

Week 13 Highlights

Sweet girl, another week has come and gone. And such fun we’re having!

She looked THE CUTEST last Sunday at church in this romper. I died.


I was back to work full time in the office, so Mom kept her a couple of days. Gavin was in visiting, so he was there to help. He was teaching her all about tummy time! ha! He may have fallen asleep playing with her in the floor. img_1580

She’s found her hands in full force. Always chomping on them.img_1564

The few days she was at home with Tyler, I get sweet pics like this. img_1582

Coming home and hanging with my girl is the new highlight of my day. Rocking her to sleep is even sweeter now. img_1579

We had Remi’s first snow! I had to go into work, but when I got home, we went outside for a minute.  She felt the snow and LOVED the marshmallow world. img_1616

She’s doing SO good holding onto toys. These little disc rattles are a fave.img_1601

Look at this snow monkey! So happy out in the crisp air!img_1613

I can’t believe we are 13 weeks into her little life! We are having so much fun!

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