Week 14 Highlights

Week 14 Highlights

This week and weekend were busy. Work and a full weekend’s worth of plans meant we were all catching up all week.

This meant that when I got home Saturday, somebody was sort of clingy. I didn’t hate it.

While I was gone on Saturday, she hung out with my MIL and then another family member came to visit. She was all smiles. I’m glad she’s a happy girl when I’m gone.

She is LOVING being upright. We’ve gotten a sit-me-up seat to try, but in the meantime, she spent some time in the corner of the couch munching on her teether.

When I get home at night, almost all evening is spent in the floor playing. I don’t hate it.

Mom took this picture of her.  My favorite picture, maybe ever. Those rosy cheeks and sweet smiling eyes.

When I get home, we talk. She babbles up a storm to tell me all about her day.

And while I work, they often meet me for lunch. She slept through lunch this particular day, but I loved that sweet monkey hat and that sleepy cheeked baby girl.

I can’t believe how fast she’s growing and changing and learning! Every day is a new adventure!

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