Week 15 Highlights

Week 15 Highlights

Another fun week watching our girl grow and learn!

I wish I could put into words what a happy, wonderful baby she is! After our rough start with reflux, I was worried about her temperament. I mean, I would have loved a fussy baby. However, she’s just a joy to be around. She smiles back at you all the time, is starting to laugh, and is pretty easy going.

We put her police onesie on her. Chief, for sure!

I got her this sit-me-up seat on a resale page and she’s LOVING it. She would tolerate the bouncer or swing for short periods of time, but she loves this seat! She looks so big here!

Friday, we celebrated Nancy’s birthday at a pizza place. Remi slept in her Ergo while we all ate and then she got passed around during game time. She LOVED the lights and sounds of the games. Joyce was showing her this game, and she was intently watching it.

I thought she looked like a little thug baby before church Wednesday. That romper, those high top booties and that dew-rag style bow. I died.

Now that she has great head control, we decided to let her sit up in the stroller. BEST DECISION EVER. She loves looking around now. 

I just love our little family.

Last Sunday was her first week in the church nursery. It was great to be able to do church without worrying about her fussing. She’s in GREAT hands there. Our nursery has amazing volunteers. They were just mad at me that she prefers playing on the ground rather than being held! ha! I love the verse painted on the baby room wall. God DOES have plans for our girl!

Well, that was week 15. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by!

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