Week 16 Highlights

Week 16 Highlights

We didn’t have a lot going on, and I’m trying to NOT be so attached to my phone at home, so pics this week are fewer. This week is the middle of a developmental leap, according to our Wonder Weeks book/app. She’s been a bit fussier, but still good. Just a little crankier and clingier at night some.

We are dealing with some sleep regression- she’s been up twice in the night instead of her normal once. But I can deal with that. Here are some of the highlights…

Tummy time with pony. Dad has named pony Jumping Bean.

Remi and Mom met me for lunch and we snapped this adorable pic. I love how she’s hugging me!

She also is GOING TO TOWN on some teethers. I can feel nubs under her gums, but no idea if that’s teething or just teeth living under there (#firsttimemomprobs). Either way, she is drooly and chewing on ALL THE THINGS. I love this little lolly pop looking teether.

We went to my friend Rachel’s wedding and used the excuse to dress Remi up in a fancy dress we had. I love it! Sweet girl! 

And for bath time this week we did the neck ring swimming. She wore herself out and was just precious afterwards. 

Here’s to getting more sleep (hopefully soon!) and this girl meeting those developmental leaps like a champ!

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