Week 18 Highlights

Week 18 Highlights

Week 18 in your little life. She’s growing, changing and learning so much!

First off, I love that she matched her blanket. Second, she’s reaching for things during tummy time! Such a fun milestone!

A little naptime in the car seat while we were helping mom with D-Now. I love those baby thigh rolls. 

We got to start solids! (Please no lectures on why you should wait until 6 months. We’ve talked with our doctor, done our research and this is right for us).She LOVES eating. It came naturally and she isn’t even doing much of the tongue thrusting/spitting out (which is why I knew she was ready!).  

We had her 4 month checkup. She did well! All smiles until shots, then she cried for a minute. Shots didn’t even slow this girl down. That afternoon and the next day she was fine.

I loved her outfit the other day! Mom brought her to me at lunch and she looked so pretty in purple. And that smile. I mean, come on!

She fell asleep in the stroller for the first time! Sweet girl!

Loving these warm February days! Daddy is a great stroller pusher up the hills. 

She loves flying around. Grammy was available for a private flight one afternoon. 

The funniest was Sunday after church. Her bow was just too heavy for her nap. 

Such a fun week together. I just love being her mama! So much fun!

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