Week 2 Highlights

Week 2 Highlights

Again, a random mix of photos and captions. In no particular order, these were some highlights from Remi’s second week of life.

We took her to the doctor to see if he had reflux (more on that later). Homegirl hasn’t been easy and it’s mostly after she eats. Hopefully the medicine helps because screaming baby for hours isn’t fun for anyone.

What WAS fun was her peeing and pooping on the nurse when she took her rectal temp. Show them who’s boss, girl!

Tyler seems to keep her calm in this position. She feels so secure with him. It’s precious. And so is Pippin keeping an eye out!

Pip likes to get close and examine her. He has been nothing but gentle with her – it’s awesome. They are gonna be buds in no time (especially once she quits crying. He HATES that).

Homegirl is filling out. In fact, she had put on a pound since birth at our doctor’s appointment! I love those cheeks!

She’s also learning to be super photogenic. Look at that smile!

One morning, I took her outside to rock her on the porch at sunrise. It was so beautiful  outside! She loved the fresh air and I loved that hand that escaped the swaddle.

The family came from Hot Springs to meet her!  She looks super tiny in giant Gavin’s arms!

She met her great grandma! Nene loves her girl!

And cousin Caitlyn will teach her ALL about being a princess! Caitlyn has been our family’s princess for 16 years. 

And my aunt Sandy loves her too!  Sandy can’t get enough of this baby girl!

And on her one-week birthday (so the start of her second week) Jade came over for newborn pictures. Aside from peeing all over Jade, Remi was SUPER cooperative.  She slept when we needed her to sleep and she was awake when we wanted her awake. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

We spent most of week 2 at home since Tyler was still off. We did have to stop by Target after the doctor’s appointment for medicine- and she wailed during part of that. Changing her diaper in the bathroom where her crying echoed was BAD. So loud.

She also went for a walk in her stroller to the mailbox- she sure did like that! And we had yet another car seat blowout. Girl is training us, fast!

Her sleep hasn’t been awesome – because of the reflux (or whatever else is going on). i’m hoping it’s not just awful colic- that the medicine will help. Momma wears thin after hours of screaming and not sleeping. It hurts me when she just wails.


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