Week 21 Highlights

Week 21 Highlights

It’s the last week of month 4! It’s crazy how much she’s learning and growing!

She has shown an interest in feeding herself. It’s not totally conducive to actually EATING (since it makes a huge mess), but in an effort to encourage some independence, I’m letting her feed every third bite or so.

She’s just the happiest, most alert baby ever. Watches EVERYTHING closely. She was watching me get ready and was just having so much fun.

Busy girl before church playing in her jumper. She’s figured out all the toys on it and jumps like crazy.

Of course, she has a Hanson fan onesie. Tiny fan.

We had some mommy/daughter pics taken in a daffodil pic (Grammy joined in for a few after helping Remi look at the camera and smile). Our photographer (Jade Graves Photography for you locals) sent me a preview. I’m in love.

On to more fun with our girl! Here’s to week 22!

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