Week 24 Highlights

Week 24 Highlights

Holy cow! Week 24?! Time slow down!

Another exciting week of learning and growing.

She’s working on holding her bottle. Not quite perfect form, but she’s getting the job done (when she’s not being lazy).

We broke out the cowgirl onesie this week. We have SO MANY CLOTHES, it’s easy to overlook stuff. She was just barely fitting in this! I love the little pockets on the bootie!

I mean, I can’t even with this one. 

She has been teething (We thought maybe ear infection, but doctor said she’s all clear and all signs point to teething) and a bit fussy. So she’s been getting some happy diaper time. Gigi was over and snuggling this chunk! 

Mom took her to story time at the library. She didn’t love the first week, but this week was SO attentive! They have a story time just for kids under 2- so lots of babies there. Her cheeks and sweet expression. I just die!

So that was our fun week! Here’s to many more fun memories!

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